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Ankit is a Ph.D. Candidate of Language Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University in School of Computer Science. He is advised by Prof. Bhiksha Raj and Prof.Rita Singh. Prior to that Ankit worked as a Deep Learning Scientist at ReviveMed. ReviveMed performs AI-driven Drug Discovery to find novel therapeutics for metabolic diseases. We leverage tens of thousands of metabolomic datapoints to discover novel biology and impactful therapeutics.

Ankit is fascinated by the applications of Multimedia Analysis and its growing importance in today’s world where more than 90 percent of data consumed is Multimedia. To learn more about the field, he graduated with a Masters in Language Technologies at School of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University. During the masters program, Ankit was advised by Prof. Alexander Hauptmann in the Language Technologies Institute. His research interests lie in the areas of machine learning and signal processing with a focus on audio and multimedia analysis. His work on deciphering guntype information using acoustic analysis of gunshot recordings and on Deep Intermodal Video analytics to recognize activities in large scale surveilliance videos was well appreciated.

Previously, he worked as a verification engineer at ARM, a leading semiconductor IP provider. He is familiar with ARM protocols like AMBA, AXI, CPU specifications, ARM architecture and power architecture. At ARM, his role was related to designing inhouse verification tools for simultaneous verification of sub-systems. These enhanced the scalability of other in-house tools and further ensured less rework across projects, thereby improving the throughput of our team’s deliverables. He designed a power controller used across various projects at ARM. Due to efficient deliverables in workplace, his supervisors gave him the responsibility to deliver the first chip-to-chip subsystem verification on ARM platform which was executed successfully by Ankit as a Project Lead. Ankit was consecutively rated amongst the top 5% engineers globally within ARM for two years.

Prior to that, he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication (EC) from National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal.

Ankit likes to read around 20 books a year and listening to Music. His playlists has over 60 thousand followers on Spotify. Hindi Songs Collection and English Songs Collection

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