About Me

You live only once, if you do it right once is enough.


I am Ankit Shah graduate student in Language Technologies guided by Prof Alexander Hauptmann at Carnegie Mellon University. My Research interests lie in the areas of Machine Learning, Signal processing with a focus on Audio Processing and Multimedia Analysis.

My past experience as a verification engineer working at ARM, was an amazing ride where I have designed an inhouse verification tool to verify various sub systems simultaneously. The work enhanced scalability of in-house tools to ensure less rework across projects, thereby improving the throughput of our team’s deliverables. At ARM, I have developed a power controller used across various projects, worked on mobile and enterprise for top-level verification. As the first Engineer to enable chip-to-chip communication on ARM platform - it was a product delivered to key partners with a global impact. Rated among top 5 percent of engineer globally within ARM for two consecutive years.

I graduated with Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal. I am familiar with ARM protocols like AMBA, AXI, CPU specifications, ARM architecture, power architecture, and more. My long term vision is to create a world which has advanced and addresses the major problems at the time efficiently.